Steve Hillage - Live at Deeply Vale Festival '78


Format: Vinyl
Label: Ozit
Catalog: LPOZIT8007
Rel. Date: 03/24/2023
UPC: 811702010323

Live at Deeply Vale Festival '78
Artist: Steve Hillage
Format: Vinyl
New: Not in stock

Formats and Editions


1. On-Stage Announcement from DJ at Deeple Vale/Saucer Surfing
2. Searching for the Spark
3. Octave Doctors
4. Salmon Song
5. Crystal City
6. Radio
7. Palm Trees
8. Light in the Sky
9. Hurdy Gurdy Man
10. Lunar Musick Suite
11. Sun Song (Reprise)
12. Activation Meditation
13. Glorious Om Riff
14. Saucer Surfing
15. Searching for the Spark
16. Octave Doctors
17. Salmon Song
18. Some Deeply Vale Stage Announcements/Babylon's Burning [The Ruts]
19. More Deeple Vale Background Sounds/The Jester [Tractor]
20. Argument for One [Tractor]
21. Deeply Vale - Bring What You Expect to Find [Tractor]

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